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Record Breaking Export of Onion



Message from Mr. Waheed Ahmed(Patron-in-Chief) on eve of 76th Independence Day of Pakistan

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, I appeal to all Pakistanis to grow plants in our beloved homeland. Plant as many fruit trees as possible in Pakistan to improve the environment as well as ensure food security for the growing population. Happy Independence Day

                                                                          Waheed Ahmed








The Tribune Story regarding Mango Season 2024 published on 21st May 2024

TIO:s PFVA hold Orientation Session to enhance exports. (The Business Recorder Karachi 17-1-2024)

PFVA urges R&D for Fruits, Vegetables ( The Express Tribune Karachi 17-1-2024)

Daily Express Karachi (18-1-2024)

Daily Nai Baat (2-1-2024)

Jahan -e- Pakistan (2-1-2024)

Kinnow Exports projected to decline by 50% The Express Tribune (2-1-2024)

Daily Dunia News (2/1/24) Waheed Ahmed Patron-in-Chief PFVA.

Express News Karachi.

Pakistan Observer.

Daily Nawai Waqat Karachi.

Daily Ausaf Karachi.

Nawai Waqat 28/12/2023 (Research & Developmnent.

Vegetable containers stuck at port
The Express Tribune 07-12-2022
Onion, ginger, and garlic worth $5.5 million stuck at Karachi port
The News 07-12-2022
زرمبادلہ کی کمی, پیاز, لہسن, ادرک کنٹینر بندرگاہ پر پھنس گئے۔ قیمتیں بڑھنے کا خدشہ
Express News 07-12-2022
بینکوں سے ڈالروں کی عدم فراہمی، بندرگاہ پر پیاز ادرک اور لہسن کے سینکڑوں کنٹینر پھنس گئے
روزنامہ دنیا 07-12-2022
Skyrocketing prices: businesses call for restarting trade with India
Business Recorder 29-08-2022
کیا انڈین پیاز اور ٹماٹر ہی پاکستان میں سیلاب کے بعد قیمتیں کم کرنے کا واحد حل ہے؟
BBC News Urdu 29-08-2022
Mango Festival organized as part of Pakistan’s 75 years anniversary celebrations
Pakistan Observer 02-07-2022
Kinnow exports to Kenya anticipated
Dawn News 15-01-2022
Kinnow, mango: Kenya’s experts satisfied with quarantine facilities
Business Recorder 15-01-2022
African Delegation Visits Pakistan to Open Kenyan Market for Pakistani Kinnow & Mango
World News Observer 15-01-2022
African delegation visits Pakistan to open Kenyan market for Pakistani Kinnow & Mango.
The AZB 14-01-2022
سمندری کرایوں میں اضافہ، کینو کی برآمد متاثر ہونیکا خدشہ
Express News 01-12-2021
Pakistani kinnows about to lose juice in international market
Sama News 30-11-2021
Kinnow export outlook sour amid rise in freight cost
Dawn News 01-12-2021
Onion prieces drops by Rs. 20 a kilo on arrival of bumper sindh crops
Dawn News 10-11-2021
Traders criticise minimum export value for onion
The Express Tribune 10-11-2021
PFVA APPEAL: Not to impose ban on onion export
Business Recorder 06-10-2021
Ban on export of onions opposed
Profit 03-10-2021
Proposed ban on export of onion, tomato opposed
Business Recorder 03-10-2021
سبزیوں کی برآمد پر پابندی، کاشتکاروں کوبھی خسارے کا اندیشہ
نوائے وقت 03-10-2021
Govt assures PFVA of resolving their issues on priority
Profit 13-09-2021
NA body seeks PFVA inputs
The News 14-09-2021
Govt Assures PFVA Of Resolving Their Issues On Priority
Urdu Point 13-09-2021
پی ایف وی اے کو قلیل مدتی مسائل کی نشاندہی اور حل کا ٹاسک مل گیا
جسارت 14-09-2021
PFVA submits recommendations to NA body
Business Recorder 14-09-2021
Pakistan hopes to achieve mango export target
Dawn News 04-07-2021
Pakistani mangoes have big demand in global markets
The News 16-06-2021
Govt has announced a national agriculture emergency program which is a welcoming step: Waheed Ahmed-PFVA
Day News 14-06-2021
Funds sought for horticulture sector (PFVA TERMS BUDGET BALANCED)
Business Recorder 13-06-2021
Mango export target set at 150,000MT for current season
Profit 25-05-2021
سندھ میں آم کی پیداوار 15فیصد کم، قیمتوں میں اضافےکا امکان
Jang News Urdu 26-05-2021
آسٹریلیا نے پاکستان سے آم کی برآمد کی منظوری دیدی
Jang News Urdu 26-05-2021
Australia approves two Pakistan mango facilities
Dawn News 26-05-2021
PFVA sets mango export target at 150,000 MT
Business Recorder 26-05-2021
Two Mango processing facilities approved for Exports to Australia
Business Recorder 26-05-2021
Message by Mr. Waheed Ahmed, Patron-in-Chief-PFVA, on Kinnow Season 2020-21
Kinnow exports reach historic high
Pakistan ships 460,000 tons of citrus fruit abroad in 2020-21, 30% higher than last year
The Express Tribune 08-05-2021
کینو کی ایکسپورٹ کا ریکارڈ قائم
Jang News Urdu 08-05-2021
Record Kinno exports fetch $253m
Dawn News 08-05-2021
Country exports highest volume of kinnow in FY21
Business Recorder 08-05-2021
Iran allows kinnow import from Pakistan
The Express Tribune 22-04-2021
Third border crossing point with Iran being inaugurated today
Dawn News 20-04-2021
Export of Kinnow halts due to sit-in
Business Recorder 09-01-2021
Sit-ins cause disruption to kinnow export
The Express Tribune 09-01-2021
Protests suspend kinnow exports
The News 09-01-2021
Hurdles to fruit exports will be removed: Razak Dawood
Dawn News 28-12-2020
PFVEA demands govt to resolve export-related issues
The News 26-12-2020
Sri Lanka reverses cess hike on Kinnow
Dawn News 19-12-2020
Sri Lanka slashes duty on import of Pak kinnows
Business Recorder 19-12-2020
Major boost to Pakistan’s citrus exports, Sri Lanka takes back cess increase
Business Recorder 18-12-2020
Measures to boost mango exports
Dawn News 14-12-2020
Mango exports fetch $104 million in 2019-20
The News 13-12-2020
Kinnow Export Target set by PFVA this Year
Samaa News 02-12-2020
Pakistan seeks to earn $210m from kinnow export this season
Pakistan Today 02-12-2020
Kino Exports Target Set At 3,50,000 Tones: PFVA Chairman
Urdu Point 02-12-2020
Export Target of Kinnow set at $210 Million: PFVA Patron Chief
Businesss Recorder 02-12-2020
Export of onion resumes
Businesss Recorder 25-11-2020
PFVA, MNSUAM ink MoU for development of agriculture sector
Businesss Recorder 17-11-2020
TDAP’s Gilgit chapter organises webinar on organic fruit production
Businesss Recorder 29-10-2020
Hasty decisions affecting exports badly: PFVA
Businesss Recorder 25-10-2020
Phyto-certificate fee for export consignments raised
Businesss Recorder 10-10-2020
فائٹو سرٹیفکیٹ فیس میں 800 فیصد اضافہ، برآمدات متاثر ہونے کا خدشتہ
Jung Urdu 10-10-2020
Exporters irked by 800% hike in fee
The Tribune 12-10-2020
Horticulture exporters decry 800pc surge in phytosanitary certificate fee
Profit 09-10-2020
Increase in Phyto-certificate fee slammed
The News 10-10-2020
Mango diplomacy: Pakistan to explore new markets.
The Express Tribune 07-10-2020
Compliment from Mr. Razzak Dawood to the PFVA for achieving impressive export volume of Mango
Patron-in-chief Mr. Waheed Ahmed having an interview on PTV News, ‘Explaining the reasons for enhancement in export of mango’.
PTV News 01-09-2020
Patron-in-Chief PFVA, Mr. Waheed Ahmed Participating in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan (August 2020)
Patron-in-chief Mr. Waheed Ahmed explaining during an interview on ARY News, ‘Why the export of Pakistani mangoes has increased despite Global pandemic of Covid-19’.
ARY News 25-08-2020
Pakistan exceeds mango export target
Tribune News 20-08-2020
Export gloom sours Pakistan's prized mango season
The News 20-08-2020
Mango Exports Exceed Target
Dawn News 20-08-2020
Export of Mango
Express News Urdu 20-08-2020
کورونا وبا کے باوجود آم کی برآمدات میں نمایاں اضافہ، 7کروڑ 20لاکھ ڈالر کا زرمبادلہ حاصل
ARY NEWS URDU 20-08-2020
کوروناکے باوجود آم کی برآمدات میں نمایاں اضافہ
20-08-2020 روزنامہ دنیا
تاریخ میں پہلی بارکورونا مسائل کے باوجود پاکستانی آم کی برآمدات میں ریکارڈ اضافہ
Such Tv 20-08-2020
Pakistan surpasses mango export target by 45,000 tonnes despite Covid-19
Pakistan Today 19-08-2020
پاکستان کی آموں کی برآمدات میں اضافہ
TRT Urdu 21-08-2020
125,000 tons of mangoes exported this season
Business Recorder 20-08-2020
Pakistan earned record $730m revenue, 12.5pc increases in export of fruits, vegetables in FY2019-20
Profit(Pakistan Today) 11-08-2020
Patron-in-Chief Mr. Waheed Ahmed explains major reasons in impressive enhancement of Export to USD 730 million - ARY News 11-08-2020
The Ministry of Commerce(MoC) to constitute 10 new members of Board of Export Development Fund(EDF) - Business Recorder 11-08-2020
Pakistan's fruit, vegetable exports fetch $730m in FY20 - The Express Tribune 12-08-2020
Export of vegetables, fruits goes up despite corona - The News 12-08-2020
Massive increase in export of fruits, vegetables despite Covid-19 - Business Recorder 12-08-2020
Export of Fruit, Greens Jumps - Dawn News 12-08-2020
Pakistan achieves mango export target after five years - Roznama Express 23-09-2019
Pakistan achieves mango export target after five years - Business Recorder karachi - 20-09-2019
Decision made for promoting agriculture produces of Kashmir- Roznama Express 7-09-2019
Climate change badly affects mango production - Business Recorder karachi - 10-05-2019
Bad weather hits mango production - Dawn 11-05-2019
زرعی اجناس کی درآمدات کو سختی سے ریگولیٹ کرنے کا فیصلہ 
(روز نامہ ایکسپریس کراچی ) (۲۲ فروری ۲۰۱۸)
Pakistan to organise Single Country exhibition in UAE - Business Recorderd 01-03-2018
دبئی میں پاکستان کی سنگل کنٹری نمائش کے انعقاد کا اعلان 
(روز نامہ ایکسپریس کراچی ) (۲ مارچ ۲۰۱۸)
Exporters bag $3m orders at ‘Fruit Logistica - Business Recorderd 13-02-2018
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